Do you have a childhood Christmas family tradition?


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Not one worthy of passing on to my own kids.

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Growing up my mother's workplace gave their employees a free Turkey for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas.  When I was 15  rolled my eyes about eating turkey at Christmas. When she asked me what that was about, I finally told her, I don't like turkey. When she told me that I was fine eating it at Thanksgiving,  I told her I only eat one small slice and I bury it in other food. And I didn't say anything because my grandmother always spent so much time and care making it, I didn't want to offend her. Because I had been quiet about it for so long, my mother started making me lasagna on Christmas.

Now my mom is retired and I host Christmas dinner. I cook ham. But we have an annual football game at noon on Christmas eve. It is with friends and members of the cross country team. (My brothers both ran, and one brother now coaches the team.) The game started back in our high school days. After the game we go to my mom's and she serves lasagna.

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So sweet! Your mom sounds so caring towards your feelings and likes/dislikes. Most parents seem to push the idea "you eat what's cooked or starve." Your mom just made a cozy little spot in my heart. 😊
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No I just want this stupid holiday to end!!!!

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I’m with Z. Nothing to repeat.

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I've always had a meal with Family , for the last 15 years it's been with my Cousin and for the last 3 years with all my cousins . .Still waiting for that day to come i can spend Christmas with a Special Lady who i can call my love and  make her my Girlfriend ..My therapist keeps telling me i need to make a new life ?  LOL

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One that I always liked was driving around and looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. My sisters and I would get into our pajamas and get in the family van. It was fun. :)

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