Who Were Some Of The Famous Gangsters During The Prohibition Of Alcohol Years In America?


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Perhaps the most famous gangster of all-time was Alphonse Capone. Born in New York in 1899, he had connections with Italy. He was the world's most famous criminal at the time. Al Capone ran a vast empire of speakeasies, distilleries and gambling houses. He threatened and attacked illigal bars and was said to have probably earned around $100 million a year. He bribed anyone who might stand in his way. In the Valentine's day massacre, 14 Feb 1929, six members of the rival Bugs Moran gang were murdered on Capone's orders by men posing as policemen. No arrests were made. Capone died in Florida in 1947.

Other famous gangsters included O'Banion and Torrio. O'Banion led the Irish-American gangsters of Chicago and made himself millions in the bootlegging industry. He killed over 25 people. Torrio was the Italian-American gang leader and a member of the mafia. He opened up thousands of speakeasies and he bought in truckloads of Canadian drink every night.
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WHOOOOOO!! Al Capone was one of my relatives. A lot of his 'stash' was held in the U.P. (upper michigan) in the Copper Country. He arranged for murders, never imprisoned (cause he never did the actual dirty work).
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My Grandmother was tied in with the mafia, she knew Al Capone, and someone she called Scarface Joe Baumarito, and other names I do not recall. Capone ran a syndicate that was active in Detroit, Chicago, Cincinnati,Newport Ky. and Louisville Ky. My Grandmother went to Federal Prison, to avoid giving information to the F.B.I. She was in Alderson W.V. with Tokyo Rose, and Axis Sally. She was well compensated for her loyalty, upon her release. She felt it was the only option, to stay alive.

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