Who Were Some Famous Singers In The 1980s?


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There were many famous singers in the 1980s, so I've listed some below, along with their biggest hits from that decade.

  • Madonna - Like A Virgin
  • Michael Jackson - Thriller
  • Prince - Kiss
  • Whitney Houston - Greatest Love of All
  • Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA
Pop Singers of the '80s
Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Madonna were all hugely popular in the 1980s, and  Lionel Richie, Prince and Tina Turner were prominent Urban acts during the same decade.

Cyndi Lauper became the voice of the MTV generation with her classic '80s releases, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Time After Time. Rock Music

At the beginning of the '80s, rock music was very popular, and Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Pat Benatar and Joan Jett were all successful rock singers of the period.  Bruce Springsteen had his first top ten hit with Hungry Heart in 1980.

The 1980s also saw the loss of some of the decade's most influential singers, either as a result of illness, or due to violence.

  • In 1980, John Lennon was shot outside his home in New York.
  • In 1981, Bob Marley died of melanoma.
  • In 1984, Marvin Gaye was shot dead by his father.
John Lennon was shot by Mark David Chapman on Monday 8th December, 1980.  He was shot four times from behind, and was pronounced dead on arrival at Roosevelt Hospital. 

Mark David Chapman had been angered by John Lennon's 'more popular than Jesus' remark, which he considered to be blasphemous.

Marvin Gaye was shot by his father after an argument with his father.  He was shot twice, once at point-blank range in his parents bedroom.
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Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, Belinda Carlisle, Pat Benatar, Lita Ford, Joan Jett and Ozzy Osbourne.
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Michael Jackson and Madonna.
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MJ, Bruce Springsteen, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Bon Jovi.
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Simon Le Bon - Duran Duran.
Holly Johnson - Frankie Goes To Hollywood.
Phil Oakey - Human League.
Midge Ure - Ultravox.
Martin Fry - ABC.

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