How Did Duane Allman Die?


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Duane Allman died in a motorcycle accident; this accident took place a few months after the release of the "Allman Brothers Band's" greatest selling live album 'At Fillmore East'. While on the summer break from touring and recording process, Duane was riding on his Harley Sportster, on the 29th of October. He was riding to an oncoming truck that was taking a turn right in front of him; however the truck stopped at mid intersection. Trying to swing left, Duane lost control of his bike, striking the back of the truck or the crane ball of the truck. He flew from his bike, which landed on him, thus crushing vital internal organs. He died a few hours later, a month before his 25th birthday. In a wicked coincidence the bass player of the Allman Brothers band, Berry Oakley passed away after 13 months of Duane's death, in a similar crash of his motorcycle with a truck, he died only three blocks away from Duane's death site.
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His accident in no way involved a peach truck. It was a truck carrying a lumber crane. The album Eat A Peach was taken from a comment Duane made in an interview.

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