Was The Movie Titanic A True Story?


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No, the film Titanic is not a true story, although it is loosely based on one. This type of movie is known as an historical fiction, which means that the story and characters aren't real, but the historical context is.

What is Titanic based on, then?

The 1997 movie Titanic, directed by James Cameron, is a fictionalised account of the sinking of the RMS Titanic.

The RMS Titanic was a passenger liner that collided with an iceberg and sunk on her maiden voyage. The ship left Southampton, UK on the 10th April 2012, and was headed for New York City.

On the 14th April at 11.40pm, the Titanic hit an iceberg, doing extensive damage to the hull. The ship had split in half and sunk by 2.20am.

An estimated 2,224 passengers were aboard, yet due to an insufficient number of lifeboats, only 710 people survived. Many remained trapped inside the boat, and nearly all who jumped into the sea died of pneumonia or heart attacks from the extreme cold (-2 degrees C or 28 degrees F).

So, which parts are fictional?

The characters. Jack and Rose (played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet respectively) were not real people on the Titanic, and they're not based on real passengers, either. This means that the entire story about their romance can't be true, as the couple didn't exist.

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The movie titanic is based on a true story....well only the part where the boat sank but the romance between jack and rose is fictional..
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Yes it is true story it is in history books.. And one of my family members happened to be a surviver from the titanic.. My great great great grandma.. She was 17 at time it sank..and she passed away in could fine the actual news paper in library ...and due research from it..
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Titanic movie was based on a true story.
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Well the romance can't have been for real...
1. What's d source a real 100 and more year old grandma??
2. If so den why are the technicalities behind the sinking of d ship still a mystery?
But a similar tragedy of a ship sinking was true though...
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The only true confirmed event was that the Titanic, a ship they said was indestructible, sank.

This was back when filmmakers would take a true tragic even (Pearl Harbor, the Titanic sinking) and turn it into a love story.

I've never seen United 93 or World Trade Center for 2 reasons: - it was released way too soon - I don't want to see another tragic event turned into a love story, if WTC is one (I don't think United 93 is)
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Based on a true story.
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There was a ship titled Titanic and it did sink. Some of the characters on board the 1997 movie version are based on real people, however Rose and Jack's story is made up.
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The movie Titanic was movie based on a ship that sinked and millons of people died before getting to the destionation Ney York were the twin towers fell on 2001 the ship sank on 1912 I think
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The titanic sank be cause of the ice burg but the characters are not true and 1 half was found but the 2 half was just found but it cant be lifted up because if it is it will disenagreat
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From what I understand, the movie "Titanic" was based on a true occurrence; the sinking of the Ship Titanic. So, yes, in a sense, "Titanic" is a true story.
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Historical fiction?!?!
I always thought it was a true story
just told differently...
But really that rains on my parade
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The Titanic was, of course, real, but the story of Jack and Rose was fictional.
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The movie was true. The love and the sinking. If the story was made up jack wouldnt have died it would've have ended all happy like all movies
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The boat sinking, and all the background stuff is true, but  the love story is fiction
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Yes, But some parts were made more dramatic. They changed some parts of the movie Titanic.
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Yes the movie titanic was based on the sinking of the real ship the titanic which hit a ice burg and sank on its first journey.
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If your talking about that movie then it is true everything other than  jack and rose element , I think its lead characters are just a fiction
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I think the best part of the movie was the love story. The Titanic did sink though!
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The love story is true toorose, one of the rich passengers, has survived the titanic and has told her story
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Yes.It was a true story, but the people in the film arn't really dead as it is showed.
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Yes the titanic sinking did happen, no there was no "Rose" onboard, with the beautiful diamond, and all the mumbo jumbo but it was built and they did sink
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Are you serious. No way. There are some portions in a movie that is telling us what would've happened that day.
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Yes, the old lady was the one who told it as a narrator of how it all happened.  Today, the titanic is nearly gone by now. All what's left of it is now in the museum.

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