What's The Scariest Movie Ever Made?


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Though a very relative question, obviously fear is increased when seen in other people. Especially when the fear is real. The scariest movies, as judged by critics, are usually those based on true stories. In my opinion, The Exorcist is the scariest movie ever made. Because hey, what's scarier than the devil taking over a human's body? The devil ACTUALLY taking over a human's body. Most people say that the televised version scared them to death. Imagine how scary the unedited movie is. Watch it. Lol. The Exorcist.
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I havnt seen this movie yet but apparently dog soldiers is ment to be pritty scary, mite have to watch it
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Ironicblis Has gave you the answer "The Exorcist" Has to be the most scariest movie ever made.It was voted #1 by the film critics the most scariest movie in Movie history.It scared the crap out of me that's for sure,and still does to this day and I'm...well I'm not going to give my age.I will not watch it alone or in the dark,The reason for that is when I was 13 my oldest sister ruined it for me watching that movie by myself.
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Sorry I have to disagree with  most of you. I did not think that the Exorcist was scary at all!! Now The Hills have Eyes is a different story, because that could really happen!! Dawn of The Dead was another good one!! After all, the way the scientist are messing around with  reanimating  animals, "zombie" like  "people might not be to far off!!
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"The Grudge" - period. Just the first one. I love a good scary movie. Seen a lot - anyone remember "The Crawling Eye"?!!! Anyway, I do not scare easily. I don't know, maybe I've become desensitized over the years. My wife was out that night. She can't do the scary stuff so when I know she'll be gone I'll pick one up. Lights out. Cranked up the sound system and had chills and goosebumps for a better part of the movie. Heart racing here and there. We all share those symptoms when watching these movies. But, until my wife came home an hour or so later, I had to turn on all the lights and was looking over my shoulder every five minutes. I knew nothing was there but in my periphery, something was there!!!
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The exorcist is probably the scariest movie of all time I agree with everyone, if you have not seen the asian film audition that is a pretty scary film. Also the texas chain saw massacre is not based on any real story but on a few different serial killers, that this happened in texas is a myth, go to cineschlock and there is a good article and pics about the movie.
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sam i am i am sam
He is wrong about that one. I am 51 years old. I remember when it happened it was in the papers long before it was in the movies. There were multiple serial killings all at once all over texas... Why texas? And it was a really hot weird summer for weather. But...in fact, this stuff really happened.saying its not real is not true. The fear was real because the events were real. They changed some stuff to make a better movie, details were changed to protect victims families.
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The Exoricist spooked me out
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre freaked me out
Both films caused a lot of controversy back in the seventies indeed people were reported to faint,vomit or simply leave the cinemas half way through.
I don't think anything since can match up to the grip these two films can squeeze on the viewer.
Romeros Zombie films also deserve a mention from the early eighties of course unlike the above two these weren't based on real life events however the social comment made in these films still rings true today.
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Scream and scream again...vincent price.
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The Entity...tho the Exorcist does have its moments, the Entity is far scarier,  TrUsT Me
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well I have to agree with everybody on this one the excorcist should be right up there with the all time scary movies .....lets put it this way when the excorcist was released linda blair was not allowed to see the movie she starred in .crazy huh???  Lol
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Saw 2,the grudge,halloween and drag me to hell
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For me it would either be The Exorcist or The Omen (although the Omen is not the scariest movies to some). Race With the Devil, Legend of Hell House, and Motel Hell are also very scary but The Exorcist is most likely the scariest movie ever made.

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