Is The CBC Planning On Cancelling Coronation Street?


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The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has been airing Coronation Street for the past several decades. In mid-January 2007, an e-mail was circulated around the internet, purporting to be from Communications Officer Brenda Holland at the CBC's Audience Relations Department, which claimed that Canada's public broadcaster was cancelling Coronation Street as of June 1, 2007. According to the letter, the British show would be gradually phased out as of April 1, 2007 in order to make way for more Canadian content.

Many Canadian fans of the program were up in arms upon hearing the news and ended up contacting the CBC in large numbers. It turns out, however, that the letter was a hoax and the CBC has no plans to cancel Coronation Street, noting that the letter being circulated on blogs and forums was based on "malicious rumours." The Canadian broadcaster has a contract to keep airing the show into 2008.

Coronation Street episodes are currently aired on the CBC from Monday to Friday, at 7pm, and all weekly episodes are repeated on Sunday mornings, from 7.30am. The episodes aired in Canada, however, are about 8 to 9 months behind those being shown in the UK.
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I am a American with Canadian Citizenship adn never heard of Coronation Street growing up. I started watching it shortly in 1970 after I married a Canadian and have been hooked ever since. This show is so real and down to earth. The other soap operas in the states are so phony in the story line that it is so nice to see people looking and acting like normal people on C.S, Real jobs,real problems,simple houses, a story that makes you want to see it everyday and try to "help" them by talking to them via television.
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No I love watching coronation when that coming back on I really love watching it and I enjoy it very much
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I do not think it will be cancelled as it has so many viewers in Canada, that it would b
a shame to take I off the air

Froma Canadian fan, from Britain.

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