How Can I Watch "Coronation Street" Episodes In Canada?


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Thanks to the wonders of the world wide web it is possible to view ITV programmes such as Coronation Street and any other great British soap operas that may take your fancy. One of the most trusted methods of viewing Coronation Street would be to 'stream' episodes directly to your PC, laptop or iPad. This can be done by visiting the website of Canada's answer to the BBC, the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). Similarly to the BBC iPlayer, the CBC Player features television programmes aired on the network from other countries. It just so happens that ITV shows The Tudors and Coronation Street is readily available to watch on the CBC Player for free!

The CBC Player also offers The Road to Coronation Street; a documentary on how writer Tony Warren conceived the idea of Britain's best-loved TV shows and his rise to stardom. Simply just visit

There are a number of ways to accomplish the art of watching British television in Canada- some completely free of charge and some not. An alternative method for watching British TV in Canada would be to download Stream Direct. Even though there is a annual charge of $69.88 (£44.46), this is less than half the cost of an annual TV License in Britain. For your money you get unlimited access to over 200 satellite channels in Canada and no extra/hidden costs are incurred.

However, if it is quick and easy free-viewing that you are after then visit websites such as

Be careful of the unofficial websites offering free streaming because some of them are riddled with pop-up ads or will redirect you to pornographic material.

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They stream it right off the CBC website.
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Do a google search on the internet for "coronation street cbc television" and there you go. Each episode that was aired on tv that week is available there.
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Without looking to hard I found episodes on you tube, however split into 3 parts. You can see the full episode but just have to click on each part .

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