How Many People Shop At Grocery Stores A Day?


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The exact figure of people who purchase their groceries at grocery stores every day is not known. However, it is clearly increasing with each passing day. Food is one of the basic needs of every human being in the world. A grocery store is basically defined as a store which has primarily been established for the purpose of selling foodstuffs on a retail basis.

The owner of a grocery store is known as a grocer. A grocer stocks different varieties of foodstuffs from assorted places and cultures, which are then sold to the customers. Greengrocers are small-scale grocery shops that mainly sell fruit and vegetables. The large-scale grocery stores are known as supermarkets and hypermarkets. These sell almost every kind of merchandise, including foodstuff, clothes, household items, etc. and are often one of the departments in a departmental store or a shopping mall. Tesco in the United Kingdom and Wal-Mart in the United States of America are among the largest international retail chains.

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