Who Is The Sexiest Actress?


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The sexiest actress in the world is Angelina Jolie - or at least that's what a lot of glossy magazines would have you believe.

On the other hand, everyone from Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez through to Jennifer Love Hewitt have been given that label by one media outlet or another.

The truth is that the answer is 100% subjective, as what might be stunning to one person might be more plain Jane to the next.

Nevertheless, here is a list of actresses that I personally find more than mildly physically-appealing:

Hottest actresses in the world
  • Jessica Alba- She certainly doesn't make this list for her acting, as some of her roles have been truly atrocious. On the other hand, I think her character in Sin City was both interesting and very hot. I think the deal-clincher was Alba's portrayal of seductive bunny boiler Andi Garcia in the Ben Stiller movie Little Fockers.
  • Mila Kunis- I struggle to think of anyone who looks as effortlessly sexy as Mila Kunis, although the fact that she's dated Macaulay Culkin is a bit weird.
  • Elisabetta Canalis- This Italian TV hostess and actress definitely makes the cut. And now that she's finally split with George Clooney (I don't know what she saw in him!) she's also back on the market.
  • Zooey Deschanel- Her big blue eyes and her quirky and colorful personality make Zooey Deschanel one desirable woman.
  • Evan Rachel Wood- A bit of a wild card, but Evan Rachel Wood always looks elegant and classy, no matter what her role is. Judging from her roles in True Blood and American Gothic, she also seems as if she'd be a lot of fun to go out with. She also has more rockstar credibility than anyone else on this list - for dating shock rocker Marilyn Manson.
  • Adriana Lima- More of a supermodel than an actress (although she has done some acting!), this.
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manoj parate answered
I think Pretty Zinta and Salma Hayek. Both have the ability to look sexy and their expression shows that they are very sexy.

But I am not COOL.
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Henrik Unne answered
Eva Mendes is the sexiest actress. I think that this question is more about the actresses´ physical beauty, than about their acting talent. Please don't think that I am saying that Eva Mendes is a bad actress, but the reason I rate her as the sexiest actress, is that she has such a drop-dead gorgeous bottom! Her  butt is so big and fleshy, without being the least bit flabby. I´ve read on the net that her trainer devised some special exercises for her to train her buttocks. I can believe that. The exercises must have worked!

The second sexiest actress is Jessica Biel. She has such a wonderful, sensuous mouth, in addition to a gorgeous body.

The third sexiest actress, in my view, was Michelle Pfeiffer when she was young, back in the beginning of the 1980s. Michelle Pfeiffer starred, together with Rutger Hauer and Mathew Broderick, in a great adventure flick called Ladyhawke, which came to the theatres in 1983. Pfeiffer was a real beauty in that movie.
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Oliva Wilde.

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I'm not into women that way either but I'd have to say that you should all recognize Jennifer Love Hewitt, she's an amazing actress.
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I think Romola Garai is!! Not many people know about her but she was so hot in Dirty Dancing.
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I am not into women but I think I have to go with Charlize Theron as the prettiest and sexiest woman ...she has natural beauty. When everybody else has to have all that make up to look so pretty, she doesn't  and she has personality to go with her looks.
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Keep in mind, there's no "right" or "wrong" answer- the question is purely subjective- it all depends on your tastes. I like different women for different reasons. Top of the list has got to be Halle Berry. I like Marg Helgenberger from "CSI", Jennifer Aniston (of course!), Susan Sarandon... Christina Aguilera can be beautiful when she's not trying for the "tramp" look. But like I say, there is no right or wrong answer.

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