Where To Watch "The Best Man" Full Length Movie For Free?


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There are websites you can use to watch movies for free but as it is illegal to use them, it would be irresponsible to list them here.

Imagine if you were a writer, producer, director, actor or even a sound engineer, special effects designer or script editor. Think of the hours and hours of work and creative energy you have to put in to making a feature-length movie.

You do this because in the end, if the movie is good, you get a good financial reward. This comes from box office taking, rental deals, merchandising and advertising.

But if someone is showing your movie for free, not only do you miss out on the money that you worked hard for but you get the added insult that someone else is making cash from your work.

Don't imagine the people who host full-length movies are doing it for the good of society. They are in it for the money too which is why their sites are loaded with advertising.

It's for this reason that copyright laws exist. Essentially, the law is there to ensure that the creator of the work is the person who benefits from it.

The Federal Copyright Act in the USA says that neither the rental nor the purchase of a movie carries with it the right to show the movie publicly outside the home, unless the site where the movie is used is properly licensed for public exhibition.

It also says ownership of the movie and the right to use it publicly are two separate issues. The copyright holder retains exclusive public performance rights.

So in other words, if you are watching a new movie for free online. The copyright laws are being breached and the makers of that movie are being short-changed.
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You can watch that movie for free on IMDB website:

Here is the link:

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