Where Can I Buy A Spanish Omelette Pan Which Is Made Up Of Two Round Skillets Joined Together?


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Your best bet would be to head down to a large kitchen or department store that has a great kitchen utensils section. If you head down and describe to the shop assistant that you are looking for a pan which is made up of two round skillets joined together then they should be able to tell you if they stock them or if they would be able to order one in for you.

If you have seen a picture of it then it may be worth trying to print it out so you can show it to the shop assistants, as sometimes it is difficult for them to picture exactly what you mean.

If you have actually seen the pan as your friend or family may have used it at a dinner party, then of course it is always worth asking them where they managed to buy it from.

Forums are another place you may wish to try as this is a great way of contacting people who have similar interests or knowledge of the subject. You will find that some cookery and kitchen online forums actually have their own Spanish omelette section. Therefore, the people who are so passionate about Spanish omelettes that they talk about it in a forum should know the best pans to use.

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