What Time Does Walmart Stop Serving Alcohol?


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This will depend upon what time your local Wal-Mart closes. If the store is open 24 hours, then you may be able to purchase alcohol at all times. However, this also depends upon which state you live in. Different states have different regulations stating the times between which alcohol can be sold. For example, in Alabama, alcohol cannot be sold after 2.00 AM on Sundays.

  • What is WalMart?

WalMart is an international supermarket chain based in the United States of America. WalMart stores come in different sizes - for example, there are WalMart superstores which stock a wide range of goods, and smaller WalMarts which may only stock food and drinks.

  • What do WalMart sell?

WalMart primarily sells food, such as meats, fruits, vegetables and bread. Walmart stores also sell drinks, such as bottled water, cola, and alcohol. However, most WalMart stores also stock clothes, toys, and electrical equipment, and many WalMarts also sell DIY equipment, tyres and other such goods.

In addition, many WalMart stores also have in-house hair and beauty salons, banks, travel agencies and caf├ęs for their customers to use. Some WalMarts also have a pharmacy, from which customers can fill out their prescriptions.

  • Where are WalMart stores found?

WalMart stores can be found all over the United States of America. You can find your nearest WalMart store by using the store-locator tool, which can be found here: WalMart stores are also found in Canada. In addition, Asda, a nationwide supermarket chain found in the United Kingdom, is a subsidiary company of WalMart.

  • Can I buy products online?

You can purchase products online at Once you have made your purchase, you can receive an email or text message, which will notify you when your order is ready to collect. You can then pick up your order from your nearest WalMart store. WalMart currently does not offer delivery services.

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