What Is Alice Coopers Real Life Name?


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Alice Cooper real life name is Vincent, and he changed it legally in the seventies. to Alice Cooper.
The story began in Phoenix at a high school called Cortex,
when the future band members Vincent Damon Furnier(Alice)
and four friends from a track team, got together in a band called The Earwigs, they had other names along the way, and finally settled on The Alice Cooper Band. In 1972 they coined the phrase the "shock rockers", with their in your face make up, shock tactics and lewd stage performances.
They kicked off a new area in Rock and roll. Alice got the name from a sweet looking girl, who he imagined, had a hatchet hidden behind her back.
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Alice's High School was Cortez, not Cortex, and he did not coin the phrase “shock rock” rather he personified it. Also never was the name “Alice Cooper Band” settled on, it was always “Alice Cooper” and is informally known by fans as the “Alice Cooper Group” or ACG with the line up of Alice (Vince), Dennis Dunnaway, Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce, and Neal Smith (Ironically not the original drummer John Spear) the term ACG only is applied to pre 1975 Alice Cooper (prior to Vince/Alice’s solo release of Welcome to my Nightmare in 1975)
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Alice Cooper was born Vincent Damon Furnier on February 4th 1948 in Detroit Michigan. He legally changed his name in 1974 to the name that he had previously used for a band that he fronted, 'Alice Cooper'. The band are probably best known for the hit, 'School's Out', which was a hit for the glam rock band 'Alice Cooper' in 1972 and was made before Furnier changed his name and launched his solo career. Many people wrongly assume that this was actually made after he made the change. The band also had a best-selling album in 1973, 'BillionDollar Babies'.

Alice Cooper, the band, were also responsible for the new genre that became known as 'shock rock'. This was due to Furnier's encounter with a live chicken during a concert in Toronto in September 1969. A chicken flew into the stadium and Furnier caught it and threw it into the crowd. Apparently the chicken did not survive the incident and some reports say that it was torn apart.

When Alice Cooper, the solo artist, began his career in 1975 his first album was 'Welcome to my Nightmare'. He has gone on to produce 16 more albums and another is scheduled for release in 2007. He has also sang the part of 'Herod' in a recording of the musical, 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and written music for numerous movies, including the theme song 'He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)' for the movie Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives in 1986.

THE Alice Cooper shows no signs of slowing down!

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