What Is Bono's Real Name?


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Bono, the lead singer in the U2 band, was given the name Paul David Hewson on his birth certificate. He got the nickname Bono from a street gang that he hung out with as a teenager.

The gang gave each other nicknames. Early on Hewson got Steinvic von Huyseman as his moniker. That changed to Huyseman, Houseman, Bon Murray, Bono Vox and eventually just Bono.

Bono Vox was a corruption of Bonavox, a brand of hearing aid, and also the name of a shop in Dubling that the gang regularly passed. Hewson sang so loudly that his mates said he'd drive the all deaf, hence the nickname. Bono wasn't really chuffed with it, but changed his mind when he found out that translated to Latin Bono Vox means "Good voice".

I am assuming you didn't mean Sonny Bono, the performer, producer, politician and ex-husband of the performer Cher. Sonny Bono's given name was Salvatore Phillip Bono.

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