Where Can I Find Sheet Music For The Zac Brown Band "Whatever It Is"? Free Or Otherwise


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Find free sheet music and tabs for Zac Brown Band "Whatever it is" by clicking this link to Jellynote, which contains sheet music for guitar. 

You can also visit Ultimate for lots of other guitar versions, and the site allows you to choose your level - novice, intermediate or pro, too!  

I even found a cool version for the ukelele on AZchords.

You can buy a professional version optimized for vocal, piano and guitar on, if you order from this site you'll get a digital copy to use right away and a print copy in the mail.

I've also found a Youtube video tutorial for piano and the song lyrics with the corresponding tabs here too, so if you're really stuck, you can always just use those two sources in conjunction.

Did you know that, just this week, the three time Grammy winning country folk band announced that they will be releasing a new album this fall?

Titled Greatest Hits So Far, the album features 14 of the band's biggest tunes - including 11 singles that reached the number 1 spot.

And you want to progress to more complex guitar tutorials for other Zac Brown Band hits, rest assured that you are likely to find them all on I just took a quick look at the first page of results, and there were dozens to choose from!

Hope this helps :)

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