How Do I Program My Att Uverse Remote To My Tv With Out The Codes?


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Programming an AT&T Uverse remote control is extremely simple, providing you have the 4-digit code of the device you are trying to program it to.

His PDP file is extremely useful for when you are formatting your remote to either your TV or any other device. It contains the 4-digit codes of most devices that you need to enter as it contains all the necessary codes.

You may also find the 4-digit code for your device in the user guide that was given you when the Uverse was set up. Once you have the code, you can begin the programming process.

First of all, switch on your TV or the device you are programming to your remote. Hold down the TV button on the Uverse remote, or the corresponding button for any other device. While you are holding down the button, press and release the OK button and the mode keys should flash twice if you have done this correctly.

You then need to enter the 4-digit code that corresponds with the device you are programming to the remote. The TV mode button should then flash twice to indicate that the process was successful and you should be able to turn off your TV using the Uverse remote. If this does not work, it probably means that you have the wrong code.

It is possible to manually search for the code for the device you are wishing to program. To do this you must hold down the TV button, press and release ‘OK’, type in 922 and then hold down the ‘Play’ button. The remote should then cycle through various codes until it eventually finds the code for your device, in this case your TV, which will eventually turn off and you will know you have the right code. When the TV turns off, press ‘Enter’ on your remote and your TV will be programmed.
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Holding the tv key, also press the ok key - then release both
Then press 922
Then press and hold the play button until TV shuts off
Then press enter key (at the bottom, it's also the zoom key)
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Wow thanks, this worked, the tv still goes back to channel 22 when you turn it off but the remote works for what i needed it to, the volume
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Select Top Ten Brand Setup, Automatic Code, Learning Mode, or Manual Setup. Here's a brief description of each option:

  • Top Ten Brand Setup - A quick way to program for popular TV brands. (After choosing this option, select TV or Audio Device, and then select your brand.)
  • Automatic Code Search - Your remote searches for the right device code. (After choosing this option, select TV or Audio Device, and then follow the instructions.)
  • Learning Mode -
    Your U-verse remote learns from the original device remote, which you
    will need. (After choosing this option, select the device you wish to
    program, and then follow the instructions.)
  • Manual Setup -
    You search for the code and enter it for your device. (After choosing
    this option, enter the letters of your device brand name and follow the

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Can't change the sound
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You can't...but customer service at you-verse can provide with you with the code


option 5 is tech support

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