Where Can I Download "Rainbow Boys" By Alex Sanchez For Free?


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Unfortunately it is not possible to download the book Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez for free, as it is a copyrighted document so you would need to buy it if you wish to read it.

However, there is an audio book available online via YouTube:

The e-book of Rainbow Boys can also be purchased relatively cheaply from Google books here: Rainbow Boys

Background Information

Rainbow Boys is the first in a trilogy of books by Alex Sanchez. The books focus on a trio of young men; the trials and tribulations they face with growing up and questioning their sexuality, whether they are straight or gay and the impact this will have on their adult lives.

The book has been well received, since being published in 2001, with an average 4 stars out of 5 on the majority of book review websites.

Further reading

The further two books in the trilogy are, in order, Rainbow High and Rainbow Road. These can also be purchased from Google books.

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