Where Can I Find Arabic TV Series To Watch For Free Online?


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The internet is full of sites where you can watch Arabic television series without spending a Riyal (the currency of Saudi Arabia).

If you're looking for decent sites that cater for your entertainment needs, I'd recommend the following:

Watching free Arabic series online I often enjoy watching Arabic television dramas as I snack on some yummy hummus or baba ganoush, and these are the websites I usually use (if you've got other suggestions, please comment below): is a pretty comprehensive source. It's very easy to use, and the site is constantly being updated, so you never have to watch the same thing twice!

The site features Arabic TV shows from all over the Arab world - from Iraq through to Egypt. is another useful source for online Arabic entertainment, and the site divides links up into individual countries.

So, for example, would be the full URL for the TV channels from Egypt.

You can browse this site country by country, and then channel by channel - so you are sure to find something to watch in no time!
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