What Caused Andréa Bocelli's Blindness?


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Andrea Bocelli is an Italian singer and music producer. He is considered to be the fourth tenor and has four full operas to his credit. He is suffering from congenital glaucoma. He had poor eyesight since the time of birth, and lost it completely after being involved in a soccer accident at the age of twelve.

He spent his childhood at a farm in the region of Lajatico, in Tuscany. He started to learn the piano when he was six years old, later mastering the flute as well as the saxophone. He was discovered by Zuchhero Fornaciari and Luciano Pavarotti while auditioning for the opera called 'Miserere'.

He has been credited by Pavarotti as having a voice comparable to his own. He has performed with artists such as Celine Dion, Eros Ramazzotti etc.
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Andrea was born with congenital glaucoma and despite many operations his parents were told that he would eventually become blind. This was accelerated by a blow to his right eye which caused a haemorrhage and loss of his sight when he was 12.
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Congenital glaucoma, combined with a childhood football accident.
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Born with glaucoma  he had an accident at age 12  hitin the head with a heavysoccerball and brain bleed rendered him totally blind
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Because he's been blind since he was 12 years old after a football accident.
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I  have seen  a  photo  of him  in  several  web sites with his eyes open  they  do  not look  normal
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He still can, but he can barely open them, though he is completely blind.

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