Where Do You Buy Methanol?


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Buying methanol is not so easy. It is not available everywhere due to its toxic matter. In case you want to buy it, you can inquire it at your nearest gas station. The gas station people will recommend you some names or if they have methanol available, they will gladly sell it to you. A gas station storing methanol is very rare. You can also look in the phone directory and look for people who sell chemicals to industries in huge quantities. The only catch that might be is that you might have to buy methanol in huge quantities. Methanol is basically used in cars especially racing cars such as Formula 1 cars, rally cars and monster trucks. It is also very widely used in aeroplanes and railway engines. A lot of care has to be taken when dealing with methanol as it is a harmful substance and can cause serious injuries to you body.
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Hi Everyone,
I want to introduce my new idea, and I sure hope everyone will help me with it!
I work for a chemical company in Phila. So many times we sell methanol to people that have to pay an outrageous shipping cost because they are not aware of a reputable dealer closer to them. i am sure other companies do the same. it is sad. What I am trying to do here is get this program started where people post their methanol needs, and sellers can post their business information, and then buyers and sellers can reply to each other so that the buyer gets the best deal possible.

This is actually costing my company money, and we are going to lose sales over it, but we have some ads here and there for other chemicals so maybe we can take up the losses, but we are more interested right now in uniting this country in this biodiesel effort so we are not held captive to foreign oil. We need to get together and share in this!
So please help me get it started and come and post your needs.
God Bless,
Maria Dorval
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If you don't mind having 97%ethanol, methylated spirits(the 3% is why its called methylated). That would be the only normal way of getting some, do you mind if I ask why.

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