Where Can You Buy Manzanita Branches In New York City?


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I know it must be possible to buy anything in NYC.  I suppose I would get the phone book out and start ringing up Firewood suppliers, Garden Centres and New Age venues, see if they have any ideas.

Something to keep in mind, Manzanita is usually a protected and endangered species.  The plants themselves cannot be directly harvested or harmed in any way.  The only way you can legally buy a branch is if it "fell off" an existing tree.  Not so far-fetched, because fire-damage often causes branches to split off.  The ground around Manzanita bushes is often littered with their branches.

If no luck in NYC, you could try mail order.  Try see if this wood dealer can help you.  Quail mountain ranch has an Ebay presence, and they do Manzanita as firewood.  If all you want is some branches they might be able to ship some off to you at the best price.
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You can buy manzanita branches in new york from They have a warehouse in New York and can ship the branches to you on the same day. That's how I got mine.

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