How Many Types Of Different Saxophones Are There?


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You will obtain saxophone in assorted shapes and sizes. The lowest pitched saxophone would be the contrabass. This, for instance could be even 7 feet tall. Remember that music for each and every size of saxophone would be notated using treble clef.

The saxophone was traditionally patented as two distinct families, each comprising seven instruments. You had the "orchestral" family as well as the "military band" family. Each family denoted a sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone in addition to bass and contrabass. However some of these were in actuality never made. In music observed since the year 1930, solely the soprano in B♭, then the alto in E♭ as well as the tenor in B♭ and of course baritone in would be commonly use.

Saxophones require a single reed just as clarinets do. However, saxophone reeds are characteristically wider than clarinet reeds. You find each size of saxophone (that is alto, tenor and so on) makes use of a distinctive size of reed.
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There is soprano, sopranino, alto, tenor, baritone bass, and contrabass, Sopranissimo (Soprillo), Mezzo Soprano, Tubax, Saxello, Connosax,Slide Saxophone, C Melody, and Subcontrabass (not in order)

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