Who Is Eddie Cahill?


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Eddie Cahill is an actor who currently appears in the television series CSI: New York with Gary Sinise. Born in New York in 1978, Cahill is of irish and Italian parents and this shows in his stunning good lucks and his Irish name!

He appeared as Tag Jones in Friends (he was Rachel's new hunk of an assistant) and so far has appeared in sixty two episodes of CSI, as well as Glory Days, Law and Order and other shows.

He trained at the Atlantic Theater Company's Acting School in New York City.

He was born Edmund P Cahill, but Edmund is a silly name, so he calls himself Eddie professionally. Although I bet some of his family call him Edmund. Which must be funny.

He appeared on Broadway as a male prostitute in the play The Altruists by Nicky Silver. Thankfully he didn't get typecast and we can see him in CSI.

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