How Can I Become An 'Extra' In BBC's TV Drama 'Holby City'?


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It is fairly easy to become an extra or a background artiste on the BBC television drama entitled Holby City if you live in a city. All you have to do is first contact a person who co-ordinates the casting of the extras on the show and get your paperwork and headshot done for a nominal fee.

You also have to provide valid documents which will then authorise you to work as an extra on the show. These documents include a passport, a current driving licence, a birth certificate and a social security identity card. You must ensure that you are giving only the original documents and not photocopies of your documents to the casting agency.

Then you have to be prepared to play all kinds of repetitive and monotonous roles and work long hours.
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You should never have to pay a fee to join a casting agents books. Especially for extra work. A legit agency will only take a percentage of the wage you earn. There should be no other charges.
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You calnt Holby city only hire proffesianal actors go on the web site and go on faq and click on the question that sez can I become an extra on Holby and it tells you that you calnt

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