How Did Lil Wayne Get His Name?


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Because he is a jr. And he said his dad never has or will be in his life so he doesnt want to be call dwayne
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Well from what I seen off his interview he had was because His father was never around,he wasnt even in his life so Lil wayne feels like goin by is father name which was DWAYNE MICHAEL CARTER wasnt rite nd decided to drop da "D" so he could go by Wayne !
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He chose that name 'Lil Wayne' to be more sellable as an artist. It's more catchy. I love Lil Wayne!

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he don't like that him We ezy F. Baby he got that name from birdman he been in his life since he was 14 years old

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His full name is Dwayne (Wayne) Michael Carter Jr.
He is 5' 5" so its Lil Wayne (it might also be because he is Jr.)
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I assume its because he is only 5ft 5 tall
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Lil Wayne is the son to Dwayne Michael Carter Sr. He has said in an interview that the reason is because he's a jr. So he's the lil wayne not the big wayne

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