Does The Houston Rapper Lil' Flip Have Aids Or HIV?


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There's nothing to suggest that Lil' Flip has either HIV or Aids.

This is a rumor that emerged from the Houston hip-hip scene in 2006, when a groupie claimed she'd contracted the disease from an un-named rap artist.

Several rap artists have since been mentioned in forums and hip-hop chat sites, but no conclusive evidence has ever emerged.

Does Lil' Flip have HIV?
Lil' Flip (also known as Wesley Eric Weston, Jr.) does not have HIV. In fact, he looks as if he's in perfect health, and is currently on tour with Nigerian-born rapper Chamillionaire.

Sometime around 2006, a rumor started among the Houston rap scene that a woman had been infected with HIV after having sex with a famous rapper.

The rumor spread like wildfire, and fingers started getting pointed. I even heard that Slim Thug (also known as Stayve Jerome Thomas) was so fed up of people asking him whether he was HIV positive that he carried a print-out of an STD test wherever he went.

Which Houston rapper has Aids? To this date, no conclusive evidence has been provided to show that anyone on the Houston rap scene is suffering from Aids.

There was a media report that a woman who had encountered the disease was suing a Houston-based rapper for passing on the infection, but that story died pretty much as soon as it made the headlines.

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