What Rating Is Family Guy?


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Because of swearing and controversial themes many Family Guy episodes are rated 15 and 12 in the United Kingdom. Episodes which are shown before 9pm are rated PG. Episodes which contain controversial themes or swearing either have certain scenes cut from them or they are re-edited before being shown on television.

New episodes aired on FOX have a warning before them informing viewers about the content of the episodes and the show is currently rated 'TV-14', with milder episodes being rated 'TV-PG'.

All of the Family Guy DVD releases in the United Kingdom were rated 15, some containing a few jokes which did not appear in the US version. Also, the 15 rating is due to the fact that the DVD releases contain uncut episodes which contain swearing and controversial themes.

The region 4 DVD of Season four was the only release which was given a 'MA 15+' rating.

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