Follow The Rive Is A 1995 Movie. Where Can I Go To Watch It On My Pc For Free?


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Finding a particular film to watch on your PC can be a hit-and-miss business. Luckily there are quite a few sites currently hosting Follow the River  - although the status of these copies can change from day-to-day. 

For example, the obvious place to look, YouTube now only offers around a third of the film to view, namely the scenes featuring Eric Schweig. It used to have the entire film, until it got flagged.

Remember that downloading a film for nothing counts as piracy and is illegal. If you're willing to take the risk, then online sites such as, and offer Follow the River to watch or download.

Playing it safer, you can head to trusted sites such as and, where you can watch Follow the River for a monthly subscription fee.

None of the other video sharing sites, such as Daily Motion, Vimeo or MetaCafe, seem to have anything for Follow the River, but this could change at anytime. 

It does suggest however, the film's copyright is being strictly enforced. In any case, here's one of the YouTube films featuring Eric Schweig's performance:

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