Answer This Riddle: There's Two Gates. One Gate Takes You To Heaven And The Other One Takes You To Hell. In Front Of Each Gate There's A Guard. One Tells The Truth And The Other One Tells Nothing But Lies. Your Trying To Get Into The Gate That Leads?


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I hold up 10 fingers, and ask one of the guards how many fingers I am holding. Since the liar never tells the truth, he/she wouldn't say the right number, thus, leading me into the gate to heaven.
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Ask which one tells lies. The one who answers the truth will say the other guard and the one who lies will say himself.
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Ask them both, "Am I dead?" The liar will say No, the Truthfull one will say yes, the one that said yes guards Heaven. (I know this isn't the original answer, but it would work! :P)
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You show them something the lair of course always lies and the person who tells the truth will answer right. Then you ask which gate leads to heaven the lair will lie again and the other one will of course tell the truth.

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