How Is Dr Lewis G. Bishop Related To Dr Schlessinger?


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Dr. Lewis G. Bishop is the name of the husband of Dr Laura Catherine Schlessinger. The couple met when they were working at the University of Southern California. Dr Bishop was married and Dr Schlessinger was a divorcee when they met each other.

Dr Bishop filed for divorce from his wife of more than two decades before beginning a live-in relationship with Dr Schlessinger in the year 1977, when she was thirty years old. The couple were married in the early part of the year 1985. Dr Bishop also began to look after the business affairs of Dr Schlessinger.

The couple have one child together. Their son, Deryk was born in the month of November in the year 1985. Dr Schlessinger was 38 years old when she married Dr Bishop and when Deryk was born.

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