Who Did The Voice Of KITT In The TV Series Of Knight Rider?


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The voice of KITT was Willian Daniels, an Emmy-award winning actor, whose voice has made him his living.

Born in Brooklyn, New York and graduated from NorthWestern University, he has also been the president of the Screen Actors Guild in his long career.

Daniels appeared as John Adams in the Musical 1776 and won his Emmy starring in St. Elsewhere. He played Dustin Hoffman's father in the Graduate and also appeared in the Incredible Hulk, Scrubs and the King of Queens.

Knight Rider is an American TV drama series which ran for four years but has survived on re-runs since the late Eighties!

Most people realised who KITT was when watching the TV series Boy Meets World when the voice of KITT met the face of actor William Daniels, as he starred as Mr Feeny.

KITTS arch nemesis was called KARR who was played in voice by Peter Cullen (who also voiced Optimus Prime in the Transformers).
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William Daniels was the first man I ever saw on a Broadway stage (1776), I kow you were just dying to know that.

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