How Many Series Of A Touch Of Frost Were Made?


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The Touch of Frost a detective series created by Yorkshire Television for ITV in the United Kingdom comprises of 13 series. It stars David Jason who plays the main role as Detective Inspector William Frost, known as Jack to one and all except for his wife.

The first broadcast took place on 1992-12-06, which was titled 'Care and Protection' and the other that comprised of this series was Not with Kindness. The series two was aired on 1994-01-09, which 4 episodes titled 'A Minority of One', 'Widows and Orphans', 'Nothing to Hide' and 'Stranger in the House'.

Some of the other episodes included Paying the Price, The Things We Do For Love, Fun Times for Swingers, Deep Waters, Penny for the Guy, True Confessions, No Other Love, Appendix Man, Keys To The Car, Benefit of the Doubt, Mistaken Identity, Dancing in the Dark, Near Death Experience, to name a few. The last episode was Endangered Species.

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