Who Was The Voice Of Miss Piggy?


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Frank Oz first did the voice of Miss Piggy but was later replaced by Eric Jacobson in 2001.

Miss piggy began with a small role in The Muppet show but later went on to become one of the main character. She is a pig who thinks that she will make it big as a star and nothing is going to stop her. She appears to be a normal female with a lot of charm but turns violent instantly when she feels insulted. Kermit the frog knows this well as he has been the main target of her karate chops. He also receives a lot of unwanted kisses from Miss Piggy. The first version of Miss Piggy was a puppet with blonde hair and beady eyes and appeared briefly during the pilot special in 1975.

Miss Piggy soon turned into a major character, as the creators of the Muppet show realized that the lovelorn pig could be used more often rather than a one time gag.

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