Who Does The Voice Over In Direct Tv Ads?


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The DirecTV advert that is most commonly referred to is named "opulence". There's also a follow up advert using the same character, gimmicks (the small giraffe) and similar spoken jokes.

The portrayed character, Gregor the wealthy Russian, is played by the actor Timothy V. Murphy with a voice over by Thomas Haden Church.

DirecTV is an American-based television broadcast service. The company offers many services, such examples include:

  • First access to newly released films (some before such companies as Netflix allow)
  • The ability to record, watch, pause and delete programs
  • Using one receiver box to feed multiple televisions within a household
  • Enabling features to be used with Apple hardware such as iPhones and iPads, etc.
Timothy V. Murphy is an actor that appeared in such famous television shows as criminal minds and shameless. He also appeared in nip/tuck, 24, national treasure, book of secrets, etc.

Thomas Haden Church, previously known as Thomas Richard McMillan, was born on the 17th June 1960. He was made famous by starring in the 90s sitcom "Wings" before becoming better known for his roles in films such as "sideways" and his role as "Sandman" in "Spiderman 3". The actor's career was mainly based around voice over work close to the start before pursuing roles as an actor later on. He does frequently return to voice over work throughout his career, such examples being:
  • The given advert by DirecTV
  • The film, over the hedge
  • Charlotte's web
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Many TV advertising companies have their own voice actors, each channel has its own. For example, I used the services of one particular person, I will not mention his name, who is the voice of advertising on the BBC. By the way, I achieved this thanks to the digital pr company, which my friend advised me.

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