Which Was The First Cartoon Character Of Walt Disney?


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First cartoon short: Either Little Red Riding Hood, The Four Musics of
Bremen, Puss in Boots, and Cinderella or Tommy Tucker′s Tooth, all made
in 1922 under his "Laugh-O-Grams" label. Most of the short's prints are
lost, so it may not be possibly to find the *exact* first cartoon he

First cartoon character: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
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It was actually Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and he was created a year before Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse was actually just a more revised version of Oswald
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Oswald the lucky rabbit and Mickey Mouse is just a different verison of Oswald
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A Walt Disney world is a world of cartoons characters. Now the Walt Disney is the hero of the 20th century, his success was based on creation, innovation, imagination, optimism and self maleness' guess every one love to go there. Well I just want to give a little back ground about the father of the Walt Disney cartoons.

The character which is the first child of Walt Disney world is every once favourite and every child and elder love him. Walt Disney a person who had interested in cartoon creations he use to sell his drawing to people of his colony to earn money, after 1918 he started small company named as laugh-O-Grams, which fell bankrupt. With this loss he moved to Hollywood to get start a new career. Than he got married with his employee. After making a success in Hollywood first comedy show "Alice comedies" in 1925.

In 1928 he had created Mickey Mouse and his talent first time used in silent cartoon named as "Plane crazy". But soon sound burst upon the motion picture screen. Than Mickey made new appearance in "Steamboat Willie". It first synchronized cartoon with sound. it was first released at the colony theater in newyork in 1928.
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The first cartoon was Alice`s wonderland and the Walt disney think that the next cartoon will be a mouse and he call him Mortimer but her wife lillian preferred
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Though this is not an answer, this book is a great book on Walts life.
Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination
Neal Gabler (Author)

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