Where Did Metallica First Start Out?


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Metallica first started off with there album "Kill Em All" which had made there music have a great start then went off to Ride The Lightning and so of their best albums has to be Kill Em All
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Oh yeah and bassist Cliff Burton died while they were on tour, the bus crash and he got crushed 2 death by it
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No they started of in 1981 with and album called no life till leather I was a demo album for kill em all they showed it to there record label and two years later they made kill em all and now since 2004 they close evey concert with the song seek and destroy and kirk is 48 by the way
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Well in 1981 Metallica formed from Lars Ulrich putting an ad in the local paper James Hetfield saw and wala! Metallica was born Dave Muistaine were friends of James so he joined to there was Metallica's first bassist to Ron McGovney but was harrassed by Dave and was replaced by Cliff Burton but later Dave was fired in New York,New York. James, Lars, and Cliff woke him up and told him he was fired for drinking problems he was sent home but they new a guy named Kirk Hammett who they new was a guitar player so he saved up for a ticket and flew there to audition needless to say he was born for that audition...

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