When, How And Where Did Pop Music First Start?


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Pop music is a rather modern genre of music which can be distinguished from classical, art or folk music. It is usually called simply pop and is short from of popular music. The term pop music refers to certain specific stylistic characteristics which include a danceable beat, a repetitive structure and simple melodies.

The origins of pop music can easily be traced back to the Ragtime. The Ragtime music was popular in African American communities in the beginning, and it primarily disseminated through sheet music and player pianos. After wards the music Ragtime was transformed into Swing and Jazz. Swing and jazz were both enjoyed for bother their dance ability and their mutability.

Swing and Jazz are this present day very popular forms of music and dances. It is very important to note that the clarity and understanding of the instruments of brass in particular and the punchy nature of the rhythm helped in ensuring that these music forms got to be the first ever in history to be recorded. These were the first kinds of music that were pressed into primitive record discs.

Styles that influenced the later development of pop music include but are not limited to the Blues which also originated in the African-American communities. It was also influence by Country music which comes from "hillbilly music" of poor folk, both white and black.

Pop music has originated in the 1890's. It cannot really be attributed to a particular place but was more of a global culture that grew in popularity over the years. It became an instant hit with artists like Fats Domino, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. It went on to reach epic proportions with Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

However, as an individual genre, it attempted to copy the commercial success of rock'n'roll. This proved to be its downfall, as the music was nothing but a bland and insipid cocktail of rock'n'roll, the blues and any other current music "rage"! Though it was a success with teenagers it was a complete failure as "music". It soon came to be shunned by all true musicians who regarded it as nothing but the "buying and selling" of the most popular sound of the day.

Pop music has a very heavy emphasis on rhythm and harmony. It needs to appeal to its target crowd of teenagers and so it became soppy and mushy. It is very sad to see that though Pop music started out with Elvis Presley, today it is synonymous with Britney Spears!
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Pop music basically started in the united states of America, when a musician introduced a new type of music. This new type of music origins came from black americans.Pop music as in 'popular music' became very likable and is one of the best selling genres of music in the entire world. Pop music is set out to be heard from a wide range of audience. Most teens and kids find this music very understandable and very creative. Pop music is quite beaty and has a lot of rythmn in it. This new type of music is so successful it's always rated in the top charts. Pop music is now improved and in some parts of the world people use pop music to create a whole new different type of music.
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The pop music first started from the United States of American when a musican introduced a new type of the music. These were mainly intrduced by the Black Americans.
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Pop music wasn't really invented as such but more evolved from rock and roll, folk, jazz and dance music. It became a recognised genre of music in the 1950's.
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Pop Music is basically a genre of music that has rhythmic elements, melodies and hooks. This term was first used in the year 1926. It is considered as a lighter alternative to rock and roll.

The origin of pop music can be traced back to 1679 with the composition of the first opera by Alessandro Scarlatti. Or it could even be traced to earlier times when Francesco Provenzale termed the musical language as light, catchy and lively. The first pop hit record was Slide, Kelly, Slide by Edison Studios in the year 1894.
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Pop music originated in the mid 1950's. One of the most popular pop artists today is Britney Spears.
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Pop music had its roots in the rhythm and blues music of the black community.

White artists like Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones were adept at
taking this music and packaging it for the young white kids of America,
Germany and Britain.

Others like the Beatles saw the opportunity and jumped on the bandwagon.
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Pop music seems to have come from the United States of America but other countries quickly captured it.
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No one person founded pop music.  "Pop" is merely short for "popular."  

Perhaps, in the future, you should start your projects earlier and you won't be under the gun at your deadline.  Also, you should not be asking others to do your work for you.  That would be cheating...
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I think it might be elvis presley and don't belive things that say michael jackson did because' itz not true he wasnt even born when pop music started!!!
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It started just after the war in the 1920's because radios had been invented and people liked it.
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"Pop" music merely means popular music of the time, so I guess it is pretty hard to put a date on it. However it first came into the "popular" language in the 1950's.
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