How Did Irish Folk Music Start?


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Ireland has a rich, diverse musical history. Its musical tradition goes back hundreds of years. Many years before the time people in Ireland started to write ballads in English, one would find thousands of ballads and songs in Irish. The very history of Irish music itself has been shaped by the political fluctuations in Ireland. There were times of strife that destroyed almost all traces of activity dating before the 16th Century.

Before the growing popularity of the famous Irish fiddle tunes, the Irish were known for singing songs themselves. The traditional Irish music was passed on from generation to generation and is now a living tradition. Irish Folk Music relies heavily on its melodic line. In Gaelic speaking Ireland it was a common fact that song naturally entered into all aspects of life from life to labor to keening for the dead. For the ruling class, the musical movement centered around Dublin

Pub sessions have grown in popularity as the home for a great deal of Irish traditional music, taking place at informal congregations in urban pubs.
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When did folk music come to the uk?
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