What Does Michael Jackson Child Blanket Look Like?


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His son is white
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Blanket looks just like Michael with long straight black hair undeniably that's his son no doubt
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Yeah sort of... Look on youtube and see videos that has similarities between all, Prince, Paris, and the little son Blanket
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No one knows the truth but Micheal's mother. If thier his or not by blood their still his in thr end. Everyone is curious if their his biologically because his so talented and it would be a waste not to past down the talent gene.
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I see micheal jackson in all of his children mainly the boys but i see paris looking well favoring her aunt Latoya and her grandma katherine.. She could've gotten her eyes from her grandaddy Joe... So there
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They have the most a like.
Paris and prince look nothing like there father.
Blanket looks the most like him and and acts like him and also show some musical talent like his father. Blanket is undeniably his son.
The other two like always is a "mystery".
We know there mother but not there father,
but paris prince don't worry about it none of this is ever your fault. And they man you call father is your father because he raised you and loved you very much. You too blanket.
But undeniably blanket has more resemblance to his father of course.

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