What is Michael Jackson famous for?


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Nealious James Profile
Nealious James answered

there! I am really surprised by the fact that you do not know Michael Jackson!
He was obviously famous for his music and dance moves. He was known as the King
of Pop and he earned the title by consistently delivering what fans most
expected from him. It’s quite sad that we lost someone of his calibre at a
pretty young age!

Pepper pot Profile
Pepper pot answered

Now? A famous and brilliant dancer and singer that was very weird and damaged, had drastic plastic surgery, and had many accusations against him for paedophiler, be it they were either overturned or paid off, that stigma will always exist and make people question his character. 

Zander Dreyer Profile
Zander Dreyer answered

Singing and dancing. But what he really got famous for was his delicious tomato soup oh man he was the master i wish i could just go back in time to taste it one more time

Megan Fisk Profile
Megan Fisk answered

Singing, dancing, and his rags to riches story.  When he was a kid his dad abused him, and was bullied for this appearance.  He was  forced to perform and people gave him crap for his appearance;  namely his "big nose".  He suffered depression and ended up cutting his nose off.  That's why he has a fake nose.

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