Is Michael Jackson Alive?


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No he died today june 25 of a heart attack
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I dont think michael jackson died
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I mean , maybe he is here know, how do you guys know that I´m not Michael Jackson ? :) Maybe you realize one day that you have in fact talked to him ;P
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HE IS NOT DEAD PEOPLES gosh why do people say he is dead? He isn't people! Look up This Is It backwards and tell me what you think! Also look up Michael Jackson death hoax and tell me what you see there! He isn't and I'm tired that everyone I know keeps telling me I believe everything I see on the internet and that I'm soooo gulible
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Right now monthsssss..... Away from his death, i think now he is alive. He wanted to get out of society b/c he's tired of people criticseizing him. He feels so much pain to what his fans feel about him he will probably show up around June again or July. He will apologize so very much. And when he returns he will explain really why he did that and how, maybe. One last thing, he wanted to make a big COMEBACK for his concert since this is the last concert he wil ever do. And he wanted to be somethng really BIG in HISTORY.
Michael where ever you are plzzzzz show up we wont be mad at you we will UNDERSTAND you!! And I LOVE YOU!!! :)
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No. He died of a heart attack today at age 52.
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No michael jackson passed away june 25
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I keep hoping someone would say he is alive and this was a sick publicity stunt...i still cant really believe it
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Yes he is alive! This is all a stupid publicity stunt!
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     I Love you Michael!!
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I'm in HUGE denial
You guys dont realize how desperate I am for him to be alive,,
I am 50/50 with his death. I still have this weird feeling he MIGHT be alive O.o
And if he is I will understand..
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No. I wish. Im a HUGE mj fan..even i have to accept it. I dont think he would do that...he loved all his fans and even more his children. :,( love you and miss you with everything i have michael!! Wait for me in heaven!!!!!
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Yeah hes alive hes coming back on june 25 2010
if not when hes 69 if not
we all know even the world knows that hes alive in our heats
rip if not we will wait for you
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Well in my heart he is never dead.  So i say to michael let this be thee best day of my life i dont why i said that but im an mj fan i went to the funeral with my bff cristy!! It was awesome
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No he is not. He was poisoned by his doctor by this weird drug shot. This answer has been provided by the KGB team by Tristan. Need anymore questions? Text us to 542542 only 99 cents per answer

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