Where Does Paul McCartney Live?


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Obviously, his exact address cannot be given; however, Paul McCartney's main home in the in UK is on the outskirts of a small town in Sussex called Peasmarsh. This town is not far from the south-west coast and is about halfway between Eastbourne and Folkstone. This was the main home of Paul and Linda McCartney and is still thought to be one of his favourite places to retreat. This is by no means Paul McCartney's only home, neither in the UK or elsewhere.

Paul McCartney also has a London home where he often bases himself when working in the UK on promotional campaigns. McCartney's security team recently made a formal complaint to Google as this house was clearly visible online on Google's street view page. The image has since been removed by Google for privacy and security reasons.

McCartney also owns a large area of land and a home in the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland, a property near his home city of Liverpool and a house in the beautiful countryside of Somerset. These are thought to be only his properties in the UK.

In addition to his extensive properties scattered throughout the UK, McCartney also has property throughout the world. His portfolio includes properties in Long Island, New York, Arizona and Beverly Hills. Paul is adding to this list all of the time.

Although a lot of his time is spent in the US, Paul still considers his true home to be the UK.
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Paul has several homes all over the World. The best known is his house on Cavendish rd. In St John's Wood near London. He has a farm in Scotland, a home in Arizona, Calif. And an Apt. In Manhattan. Also a house in Essex.
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He has a home in Pasadena, CA and he frequents Mijares Mexican Restaurant , also in Pasadena. Address is 380 S. San Rafael Avenue in Pasadena, California. This is a historical house, and the outside was used in Batman , known as Wayne Manor.
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His address has been kept confidential since he is a big star and prefers to keep his personal life to himself but he has his official site from which you can find information about him on
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Founding member of The Beatles, Paul McCartney is said to be living part-time at his residence in East Hampton, New York.
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In my heart.

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