Where Does Billy Connelly Live?


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Louise Gorman answered
Billy currently splits his years between Malta and Aberdeenshire (Scotland, his native country). He has mixed feelings about his home country, despite the fact that he once did a home tour, entitled 'Billy Connelly's World Tour of Scotland'. Billy originally left Scotland because he believed that he'd outgrown it, and he felt that there was too much negativity there. This, however, was not just his view of his home country, but his view of Britain in general. Billy's wife, Pamela Stevenson, thought that the move to Scotland may cause complications due to one of their children having special needs. Despite this, Billy and Pamela's friends love Scotland and are always requesting to stay! The leader of the Aberdeen City Council expressed her delight at Billy returning home, and said that he is well-liked and respected not only in his home country, but around the world as well.

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