Is Dominic Thomas From 'New Boyz' Gay?


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Dominic Thomas (also known as 'Legacy') is one part of the two-man rap group New Boyz. There's nothing to suggest that he is gay, and in fact he's the subject of considerable female attention.

Is Legacy from New Boyz gay?
There is often speculation about whether the latest celebrity is gay or not, and this phenomenon doesn't seem to have eluded New Boyz.

Despite their hordes of female admirers, though, there are still people out there who are convinced that New Boyz might have homosexual tendencies.

Whether this has something to do with their regular attire of skinny jeans and quirky t-shirts, or whether it's because the duo are known for their 'jerkin' dance moves - I don't really know!

Either way, there's no evidence to suggest that Dominic Thomas is gay.

Dominic Thomas isn't gay
Although the duo have achieved commercial success and critical acclaim, they have also been widely ridiculed by certain (envious) members of society for their quirky dress sense and pop-rap sound.

This envy is probably the source behind the rumors that Dominic Thomas is gay - when in actual fact, he's as hetero as Chuck Norris eating a T-bone on a monster truck.
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Hell no, because in one of their YouTube videos they said they 'love love love' girls. Just because they wear skinnys, doesn't mean they're gay!
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No, he's way too hot to be.

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