Is Legacy From New Boyz Bi?


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Legacy from New Boyz has not revealed his sexual orientation to the general public, so it's impossible to say whether he's bisexual or not.  In fact, there isn't much information about Legacy at all in the public domain.

Interesting facts about Legacy and New Boyz

  • Legacy's real name is Dominic Thomas, and he was born on 12th October, 1991.
  • New Boys shot to fame and success following the release of their song "You're a Jerk" which was released in 2009.
  • Legacy and Ben J met at high school, and weren't on very good terms with each other at first.  Their passion for music is what eventually led to their friendship.
  • New Boyz initially performed under the name Swagger Boyz.
  • New Boyz were sued due to copyright of their name by The Newsboys, who are a Christian band.
  • New Boyz are no longer active, and have now decided to work on their solo careers.

Here's the official video for New Boyz' debut hit You're a Jerk:

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