Are Hollywood Movies A Bad Influence On The World?


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No, people just choose to believe that hollywood movies are real, but really they have no idea. If viewers are careless and begin to watch movies that have harmful content then it may effect people of certain age group such as children. You shouldnt watch movies in fear. Just enjoy watching what you want.
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Partially no! But not totally! Yes, in one way or the other, they are a bad influence partially! You see, Hollywood movies though are with censored cursing words, they aren't censored with kissing scenes and stuff! Not just kissing, now a days there is much more!

Just having technology , awesome movies aren't all, children see much more than we can imagine! So we should take care for other things  too! All these problems going on in the well known "developed" countries like children are mad for boyfriends and girlfriends,  and teenage pregnancy and children distracted by bad things other than concentrating on studies and the language of people changing into what God knows. Every word they speak is bad! 

This what I'm talking about! You name one modern movie without a kissing scene and I will reduce 25% of Hollywood movies problem from my calculation!

And by the way, only if you think, this answer isn't critical, it is the truth, and the reality we know but don't speak show or express!

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Yes, people are going crazy
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No really. There are many countries where people are unaware what American life is, or unaware of many things like the culture and differences in thought process. I remember I used to watch many movies on HBO when I was a kid. Then I came to know about the thing that in America when someone is convicted, he has the right to remain silent and he reserves the right to not speak unless his lawyer arrives

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Hollywood movies were not having bad influence on the world. Some kids movies, comedy movies makes us to enjoy and get relaxed while watching movies

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