What Is The Influence Of Movies On People?


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Movies are a great entertainment. They can however improve our habits and ideas as easily as they can spoil them. Movies worth seeing teach us a lot about life. Their stories provide memorable lessons that we can learn to make our lives better. Successful films tell us how to behave well towards others. They can exemplify proper ways of talking. They can make us understand how to meet others and discuss different matters.

Movies can lead us to high aims. They can have stories of people who made great sacrifices for their noble ideas. Thus movies teach us how important struggle is for success.In this connection movies on great people like Abrahan Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Kamal Ataturk and the Quaid-e-Azam deserve special praise.

Informative or educative movies are generally scientific,historical,political and cultural . scientific films brings home to us new scientific inventions and discoveries. They inform us about new adventures of man..These can be in our own language or in foreign languages.
Historical and political movies inform us about the great empires like the Chinese and roman. Cultural movies let us know about religions, arts, literatures and traditions of different societies. Movies can have a negative influence in a number of ways. There are movies about criminals. They present their crimes in attractive ways. Movies with accidents and stories having negative effect upon character should be avoided.
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Movies are the best choice for recreation. Currently thousands of movies are produced by different film industries. The most popular film industry is Hollywood, and then others come.

Films are made on every topic of life, classic, action, suspense, thrill, history, romantic, mystery, biography, research based, animals, and others. Every topic of film has different influence on watchers. A romantic movie will give you romantic influence, it may give you some tips about how to persuade and please you partner or the person you love, it may give information about doing sex. An action movie will give you the influence of fight, murders, cheats, theft and may give you positive influence about kissing wrong people and failing their plans. A research based movie gives you influence of research and inventing new things. A suspense movie gives you influence of suspense in life, a person who regularly watches suspense movies finds suspense in real life too. A historical movie tells about the ancient times and their life style and urges man to adopt or in some manner influence from them. A classic movie gives the influence of classic art and classic life style and gives a thought about living classic. A thrill movie gives the influence of thrill and a person who keeps watching thriller movies wants thrill in real life.
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Currently thousands of movies are produced by different film industries and producers. Films are made on every topic of life; classic, action, suspense, thrill, history, romantic, mystery, biography, research based, animals, and others. Every topic of film has a different influence on watchers. Movies make me feel like a different person. Movies are very powerful and have moved many of us in different ways. They can take you away and make you forget about where you are.
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Well you can always write a story based on a movie.

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Because if you were watching a action movie, you know where people jump off buildings and set up bombs stuff like that, it effects mostly on kids and they start wanting to be just like those people on tv, so they start doing the stuff they do. Also if you watch tv 24/7 it can effect your brain because your not doing enough exersise.
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It depends if it educational or stupid because if it is stupid the peson will try to copy it thus causing them  an injury but if its educational it will help a lot and influence the person
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Movies, documentaries, short films allows us to experience different perspectives. It is the closest replica of a virtual book, life, and all of its splendor and shortcomings.
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Depends on the movie and the people . Some are inspired by the plot, camera work, lighting and acting then go on to be creative while others watch Transformers and Avatar and don't think too much for a couple of hours then go home and merely exist until the next spoon feed CGI fest comes out.
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Movies also lowers your thinking and innovative capabilities. For example: Whole lot of scientists in history when no technology was available. And now when technology is available everywhere no one is capable of coming up with an idea.
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And more good is causing to us and almost no harm at all from the historical inventions. Read about Ibn haytham. I think this was his name. Man what brains. And many others. So, what im saying is if todays new generation are going to be more intelligent with todays resources then a whole lot more can be done and whole lot more good can be done than bad.
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Tv does provide knowledge but children forget another way of acquiring knowledge and that is books and lectures which eventually helps them in their thinking. More entertainment and more distraction and more deviation and less intellectual.
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That is too many comments for me to reply to them all but i will say just one thing. Stop presenting your opinion as fact.
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People knowingly or unknowingly are attracted  to the hypothesis or opinion of the movies, unfair methodology of rapid and easy solutions

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