Is There Going To Be A Matilda 2 Film Out In The Future?


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No they are not going to make one cause the cast is grown up
it is still my favorite movie
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i wish there is going to be a matilda 2

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Well this decision is totally based on the Film Production Company. There are lot of issues and conerns when to take such a decision. Normally when a film is a big hit, you usually see it's second part in the market after some time. Like you had seen Spiderman and then afterwards till today there have been two more films on it.

You need to check on the internet about Hollywood incoming movies to be for sure about the films. Matilda may be or may not be realased in the future. Check you answer on the following website.
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No way. Can't they leave the originals alone?
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Yes there is in 2011
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Oh well if none of the actors have retired then hope for a 2nd one.

But if they were retired then it would be a remake.

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