What Song Is The Theme Song For Cw Vampire Diaries?


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The theme song for the CW show Vampire Diaries is called "Help! I'm Alive" by a band named Metric. This track is the first from the band's number one 2009 album entitled Fantasies. This album also includes nine other songs:

- "Sick Muse"
- "Satellite Mind"
- "Twilight Galaxy"
- "Gold Guns Girls"
- "Gimme Sympathy"
- "Collect Call"
- "Front Row"
- "Blindness"
- "Stadium Love"

Music from the band Metric has also appeared on other American television shows, such as the medical drama series Grey's Anatomy. Music from Metric is available to download on iTunes and Amazon, and there is a wide selection of videos available on YouTube.

The official Vampire Diaries' soundtrack was released in 2010 and is also available on iTunes and Amazon. The full soundtrack contains 16 songs encompassing a number of genres. The track listing is as follows:

- Stefan's Theme by Mike Suby
- Running Up That Hill by Placebo
- Currency of Love by Silversun Pickups
- Hammock by Howls
- Sleep Alone (909s in the DarkTimes Remix) by Bat For Lashes
- Bloodstream (Vampire Diaries Remix) by Stateless
- We Radiate by Goldfrapp
- Obsession by Sky Ferreira
- Head Over Heels by Digital Daggers
- Down by Jason Walker
- Beauty of the Dark by Mads Langer
- Cut by Plumb
- All You Wanted by Sounds Under Radio ft Alison Sudol
- The Fellowship by Smashing Pumpkins
- On Melancholy Hill (Feed Me Remix) by Gorillaz
- 1864 by Mike Suby

For further information on the Vampire Diaries, check out the official website On this website, there is also a list containing every track used in the show, sorted by season and episode, containing the title and artist of each track, so it is easy to uncover new music or relive your favorite sounds from the series.
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It's either help I'm alive by metric or hang you from the heavens by the dead weather.
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The song you might be looking for is 1864 by Michael Suby on the Vampire
Diaries soundtrack. If that's not what you're looking for and the song that's at the end
credits is the one, you can find it on the Near Dark: Timeless Vampire Classics CD -
both are on Amazon and iTunes. If those aren't the ones you're looking
for, let me know.
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YEAH! I'm looking for it too! BUT NO!! These retards type only bulls**t  here.  IF A WANTED THE SONGS FROM THE VAMPIRE DIARIES COULD FIND THEM LIKE OR ANY OTHER GOOGLED PAGE!!!

I WANT THE SONG WHICH REPEATS IN MANY EPISODES. IT COMES UP IN INTERESTING MOMENTS. FFS ARE you STUPID? Don't POST IF you don't KNOW. To be crystal clear - I don't want the song, which appeared ONCE, I WANT THE MAIN THEME. Its in almost every episode.
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I hate you all. None of these songs are what I'm looking for. I'm looking for song, which is in all the episodes, the one WITHOUT words. If there were words, I could google it, but its like the song in  many episodes, w/o words, nice melody.  HOW can I find that? Plz post oh my god.
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Green day
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I'm looking for the background song that is used in almost every episode.  No lyrics... It's played often... Usually during suspenseful moments or in the intro to the episode.
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Here, that's the song when the episode begin; the theme song,.. white lies - death, in the vapire diaries they have just the melody on the begin :) I hope I help you.

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